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Crochet Tutorial On Getting Crochet Kit

These days Crochet is the most happening thing, Celebrities like Oprah and Paris Hilton too has been spotted wearing those warm comfy crochet boots. Initially, my daughter never seemed to be interested in learning the craft of crochet, but these days she needs them really bad and is willing to learn the craft. For a […]


One of the factors that have influenced the increase in popularity of knitting has been the current economic situation. Virtually everyone is looking for ways to decrease their expenditure without impacting on the quality of their life. Whether someone is looking for new clothes or to give a fun and exciting present to a loved […]

Knitting Tools

Straight knitting needles have the same thickness over their entire length. Circular knitting needles are usually either nickel plated or made of aluminum and come in a variety of sizes. Many knitters find them easier to handle, especially when knitting large pieces. They can be used to knit patterns where two rows on the right […]

How to Properly Maintain Your Sewing Machine

A sewing machine is a handy appliance, and you will be able to enjoy it if it is properly maintained. Regular maintenance is required if you want to use it efficiently and for a long time. You will prolong its life and will work perfectly if you take a few simple maintenance steps. Tips on […]

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